Tripel Trivia

Posted to Uncategorized February 12, 2013 by dropinbrewing

539544_415736775187508_1484284216_nTripels originated in the low countries Holland and Belgium and are strong golden colored ales. They are associated with Trappist monasteries and Westmalle, Koningshoeven and Chimay all make them. Many secular brewers in Belgium also produce this style. High in alcohol and golden yellow colored, these beers are clear and well carbonated. The name Tripel may have come from the old practice of marking the different strengths of beers with a number of Xs with Tripel being marked XXX. Belgian Dubbels are lower in alcohol than Tripels but are darker in color and resemble Scotch ales in their maltiness. Belgian singles do not exist but Sunshine and Hoppiness is an easy drinking example of a Belgian Golden Ale.