Supernova IPA – 2nd Brew

Posted to Uncategorized March 5, 2013 by dropinbrewing

313456_425385074222678_529417797_nBrewing our second version of Supernova IPA today. IPA has become the most popular style brewed by American craft brewers and this has led to a wide diversification of the style. For a time I believe Harpoon IPA was the biggest selling IPA in the world, and its bold flavor coupled with superb drinkability are the reason. Heady Topper from The Alchemist has achieved legendary status as a big, bold, raw, aggressive and challenging IPA, Shaun at Hill’s Farmstead brews IPA’s whose hop character is augmented with citrus fruits. IPAs have certainly come a long way in the hands of American craft brewers. I learned from one of my former students Chuck Silva, brewmaster at Green Flash in San Diego that the secret to great hop character is not just to add lots of hops but to add them throughout the process, so today I’m adding hops to the mash for the first time in my career. Proving that a) I deserved the shout outs I received in the last two books published on hops and b) I’m not too old and set in my ways to try new things. The beer will be ready in about a month because. to quote a good friend from Humboldt County California ……………………... these things take time.