Return of the Supernova

Posted to Uncategorized April 3, 2013 by dropinbrewing

534016_437890726305446_135237908_n (1)Supernova IPA makes a triumphant return to the Growler Shop today. Decidedly “West Coast” in its balance. West coast of Vermont that is. Still bittered to 75 IBUs with Falconers Flight hop blend (Citra, Amarillo, Sorachi Ace + several unnamed experimental varieties), this beer is dry hopped twice with Bravo, Calypso and 05256. 05256 is an experimental hop so new nobody has thought of a name for it yet although it does sound like it ought to be the zip code for a town in Vermont. Calypso has a beautiful tropical fruit flavor. Lots going on with this beer, and we listened to lots of advice and decided not to filter this beer but instead to experiment with a technique to get it to clarify itself.