Rockstah Kolsch

Posted to Uncategorized July 10, 2013 by dropinbrewing

rockstahNew Beer Alert!

Kolsch is very light pale ale from Koln (Cologne) in the Northern part of Germany. The style dates back to the late 1800 when Pilsners became popular throughout Europe and the fiercely independent Koln brewers decided to protect their own market. It is famous as much for its serving style as its flavor however. Small, straight sided glasses are repeatedly offered and tallied with check marks on a coaster. The apron wearing waiter will keep bringing them until you tell them to stop. This recipe for this beer was developed by the Students of the American Brewers Guild and is 4.4% abv.

The Students decided to name the beer Rockstar after an inspirational speech given to them by instructor Gwen Conley of Lost Abbey Brewing in San Diego