Posted to Uncategorized August 30, 2013 by dropinbrewing

We own the kegs we put our beer into. We own 230x50L kegs and 200 of the 1/6 logs. Each new keg costs $150 and each log costs $110. Half of the logs we lease at a rate of 10c a day. We charge a $30 deposit to our distributor and $50 to customers who buy from us directly. Every keg that gets stolen to turn into a home brew system, boil maple syrup, cut up as art, or used to prop up dorm room shelves mean we have one fewer to sell beer in. I have no idea where the idea that you paid your deposit means that you own it, mentioned in this article and the comments below it, came from… But I’d love it if you drink my beer at home or at a party, but I do need the container back, and promptly, so I can refill it and use it over and over again.