Growler Shops

Posted to Uncategorized October 23, 2014 by dropinbrewing

We’re seeing a new explosion in the State of ‘Growler Bars” where beer can be sampled and purchased by the growler to take home. Excellent news for brewers looking for increased sampling opportunities and sales. That’s what we at Drop In are all about, educating the public about the deliciousness of craft brewed beer, served fresh, and brewed locally. The biggest issue that concerns us however is product quality. Are you getting the best representation of the beer the brewer intended you to be drinking? With that in mind we have produced a short “Guide to Growlers” that we intend to send to every growler bar that decides it wants to serve Drop In Beer. We will be dropping in unexpectedly and purchasing growlers of our own beer, and performing microbiological analysis as a way to ensure that the growler bars are maintaining the cleanliness of the beer lines and the growlers themselves. Hopefully this will all work well and quality will be assured for years to come.